Thursday, October 5 -Build it one day project

The plan for this day was to design and build an experimental structure using bamboo rods and adhesive tape. We would first, in teams of three, start by building two structures. Something, which I am not used to, that I appreciated was the spontaneousness of the whole project. We did not do any kind of observation, thinking, or drawing. We simply kept adding bamboo rods after bamboo rods and watch out structures expand. In my team, we decided to start with a basic common form, which would serve as a base. We picked and then builded a triangle. Afterwards, we added bamboo rods on each edges of the triangle and form new structures. Each new geometric shape added to the triangle lead to the creation of others, and so on. Everything was spontaneous and unexpected. It was also great experiencing team work and how each one of us had a different view and ideas, though we did not pay too much attention about what our structures were standing for which I think was an aspect of this project. I struggled to have my voice heard in the team for this first part of the project because we were not on the same level. I also give myself high expectations as I often think big and complicated. I wanted to try unusual shapes and unusual ways of sticking our shapes and structures together. Whereas my partners had more basic and simple ideas and when I tried communicating my ideas to them, they indirectly rejected them because they were kind of scared that it would not work or that something would break. After 25 minutes, we had two structures combined together. 

For the second part of this project, teams of three had to mixed with other teams of three and find a way to create a brand new structure with the two teams' structures. We teamed with a group of girls who had used bigger bamboo rods than we had. This is why we agreed to build an arch in order to connect our two structures together. During the building process, we had faced issues like balance and weight. If we put too much weight on top, we had to had more in the bottom. Or, the structure would fall the right side if there was too much weight comparing to the left side. At the end, we had ran out if time and our "arch" did not look like one, but more like bamboo rods shaped in triangles and connecting the two structures together. At the end, our two structures were joined by a huge triangle forming a peak. We also faced distance issues. The other team had a taller structure than ours and had started their side of the arch even taller. To join our tow sides of the arch together, we had to stick two bamboo rods together, and some of them would bend, which was frustrating, but at the same this imperfection added beauty to our final outcome.   

the third and last step pf this project, after joining the structures of each team into one, was basically to wrap some part and shapes of our structure. I think the member of my team new what they were doing, but personally I simply wrapped the parts they asked me to, without giving any thought to it. I think it was because of the timing and I personally needed more time to think about which part to wrap with paper, why, and how. Like all the other projects we have had so far, time happens to be out biggest enemy and I like this challenge since we start to learn how to manage out time and use it wisely. 

I particularly loved this project more than any other one we have done so far because it involves architecture and structures, which is something I have always loved. Architecture, shapes, nature, landscapes, surfaces, and structures are main part of where I get my inspiration, along with other aspects of society and humans in general. It also made me appreciate the idea of spontaneousness and the unexpected, which was a new aspect for me and new way of processing things. I am definitely a person who likes when things are planned, prepared, well organized, and thought but today nothing was planned. Now I know that a mess can be a source of inspiration and you can find beauty in the bizarre. 

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