Friday, September 29 -research small group session

The next day after the one day project, I quickly booked reflection and research sessions in order to improve myself as I was not very satisfied with my very first project. 

For our task, we were asked to analyze an image by Gillian Wearing in which a man dressed in a classic business suit was holding a sign saying "I'm desperate". Before reading the artist's description, we had to reflect on the idea behind the image. I personally though that the man's smiling and happy face, fresh haircut, and fancy outfit were acting as a cover of what he truly feels; something which a lot of us do. We can argue that the message behind the image is simply to not judge people by the way the look, which sounds a bit cliche. The piece may also shows how we control the way people perceive us or, the other way around: how society controls how we feel, look, or act. Nevertheless, it is this contrast between the way the man looked and his message that had watched my eyes. 


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