One day project

In this short project, we were asked to identify and document a place located in the Archway campus by making three observational line drawings of spaces we particularly found interesting and draw them from different perspectives. Through our chosen spaces, we had to communicate an idea, word, or a phrase by using the perspective, atmosphere, environment, etc. of the space we had chosen. 

 Because it was my first day into my course, I had fewer time to find a location in the campus since the teacher had to have a short introduction with me about the course. I had just enough time to find a location only in the classroom; therefore, I felt quit limited in my options for a space. I did not have issues finding a spot with an interesting perspective, however I struggled to communicate a message through the shapes I had found. 

 Nevertheless, I was able to capture a spot which had an interesting perspective when I turned my phone upside down. On the left is a picture of my chosen space as anyone would normally see it. On the right is a second picture of my space, but shot with my phone at a particular angle which changes its perspective. On the right, the lines look longer than they normally do, as if they have no limits, no end, which is what I found interesting: how an angle changes perspective and how perspective changes the way we see things.

But than I could not find any meaningful message, world, or phrase that I found particularly interesting so I went for something pretty obvious. When I compared my project to most other classmates', I realized that the idea behind mine was complicated and most went for something smart but very simple. 

I personally think that it lacked of originality. I did not manage my time very well and everything was done in a rush and I have not taken the time to consider other aspects such as the atmosphere, the colors, the surroundings of the space, the type of material, and so on. I also did not know who I was addressing the message to and the message I have displayed on the surface of my space feels meaningless now that I look back at it. I do not believe I have succeeded on this project. 

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