18/08 - 3DDA

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Today was a day of making, which was fun. 

We were given three criteria that out wearable piece had to fulfil; suspendsupport, and surround. I immediately decided on the idea of a shoe, because it both supported you and surrounded your foot. To make sure it also fulfilled the suspension part of the brief I planned a cut-out dip where there would normally be the most support in a shoe - under the arch of the foot. This would force the wearer to support themselves, making a conscious effort to hold themselves up and not rely on other things for support. 


If I were to have actually made this shoe it would've been made from wood, glass, and metal, but as this was a one day project I made a model of it out of cardboard, masking tape, and string. 


Clara modelling my model shoe 



All in all, today was quite fun but I don't really see myself doing this for the rest of my life. I think wearable stuff is definitely an interesting path, but I found photographing it much more enjoyable. 


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