Egalitarianism includes a variety of equality, species, race, economy, class, gender, language, faith and sexual orientation. Incompatible individuals, each thing is qualified and should be treated equally in this world. Throughout history, mankind because of too many unequal treatment, causing war.

body limbs, organs, skin, hair are part of the body, the body can express the language, each organ has its own function.

A woman is a contemporary hot topic and event, but need to be treated equally not only sex, I think the language should also be respected, whether it is English, French, German, or even smaller language, but the wonderful thing is the body language, each person's body and the brain has the same instinct, the understanding of the world, the formation of the common language - body language. Of course this is my personal impression.

In the group discussion, the views of the students, first or gender equality, for men and women of the century topic. The equivalence between man and nature, the equality between people, for the body, some people's first reaction is the organ: sex organs, breasts, hair and so on.

I think the body language is the resonance of the body and egalitarianism, and I want to use this point to do some works.

Use the characteristics of body language, simple and clear expression of personal thoughts.

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