'Afropunk- goers on style, self expression and black excellence' - DAZEDDIGITAL

" I was kind of hesitant to wear this because my stomach isn’t rock hard anymore like it has been the majority of my life and I’ve been a bit insecure about it – but I wanted to accept myself fully in this womanly body and say fuck it, so that’s what I did. Life’s too short to give a fuck about everything that doesn’t meet our expectations." 

"I reflect what I’m wearing off of my mood that day. If I’m feeling edgy I’ll be in all black. If I’m feeling creative it’ll show in how I mix texture, patterns or match colours and so on."

Both quotes were found from the article by a festival attendee called Ningha Jones.

"Every day we have to hold ourselves back a little, just so we can fit into society and won’t be judged or cast out." 

"..we must embrace ourselves no matter what and accept our greatness that was disguised to be a downfall.”

Both quotes from festival goer Charles Wright.

Photos found on Dazed and Confused from the Afropunk article. Captured by Hugo Scott in Afropunk New York 2017.


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