MOVING IMAGE: Francis Beacon


The words that we got were "Social Projection" and when analysing it, because me and my group partner are from ethnicities that suffer from prejudice and stereotypes constantly, we decided to take this project in a personal way. From merging what we've experienced and relating it to current events happening worldwide, our aim is to show how human being are now being treated like products/objects even animals who can be tossed around, beaten up and even killed.

This Francis Bacon painting, in my opinion portrays exactly that as we have a creature, with human features (legs and how it is sat and tied up on the hands) but also animalistic ones (pig, cat, cow) in a way as both are mammals, it can be said that we all are one and we're all being treated like one. 

The fact that this creature is cut opened and in bad conditions, in my opinion shows how mistreated humans have been treated lately with the riots, protests from black lives matters, neo-nazis, etc. The animal is positioned in a room but sat on something that makes him stand out from he entire surroundings as if it is being put on display just like a product. 

The colours palette of this painting is composed by mostly warm tones, but instead of them evoking good and heartwarming emotions, however it evokes feelings of like anger, suffering and misery. In my opinion, the slightly tones of green that come through are in a way showing signs of hope, that even tho there's more evil than good, there's still a tiny chance that things could change around.

This imagery is quite raw and portrays today's society.

© Ivy Vieira Alves Paulo, all rights reserved


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