RUBBER (associations)


When thinking about erasing, I did a Q&A to some people and the answer I liked the most was from someone who associated erasing to memory so after researching, I came across Eugenia Loli's work. She's a surrealist collage artist who usually mixes vintage with modern and loves a pop of colour in her works. This particular work of hers where she collaged fishes on top of a woman's head and replaced her cigarette for a fish, in my opinion, was quite successful. The way she overlapped it gives more dynamic and brings live to this piece

So by using it as reference to produce my collage, instead of fish filled her head with erasers and portrays the memory erasing aspect and by adding pills next to the picture, I wanted to show how also pills kind of numb you emotions and some of them actually give you memory loss. 

© Ivy Vieira Alves Paulo, all rights reserved


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