First Ideas

1) Since rubber is normally used to protect, why not reverse its use into something that could damage.

2) A vase protects a flowers however if we put it all around the flower we will be preventing the plant to receive oxygen which would eventually kill the plant. This shows how bad overprotectiveness can be, at times. 

3) By putting a human being inside of a rubber ball, with oxygen, and preventing the contact with the outer world and other people  (no vision, no hearing, no tasting), so in a way to protect him from the world, would it affect its evolution -- and in here Darwinism will be tested. 

4) Create a video that shows the progression of protection. From protection being a good thing to when it becomes too much that it turns into a terrible thing. However, since a persons limits is different from another, the midterm of "when it stops being good & becomes bad" is relative.

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