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-ISM: Darwinism

From the brainstorm we did in our group discussion, we came up with these words: evolution, development, change, theory (belief - religion & atheist)

Darwinism is a way to survive, to reproduce and compete. The newer the generation the more they learn to survive and in order to survive they need protection but until what point protection goes from being a good thing to a bad thing such as overprotecting. Every individual has their own limits.


It can be found on the floor, in electric wires, laptops cases, window frames, tyres, shoe sole, child car, bike seat, car bumper, condom.

From the brainstorm: erase, smooth, smell (chemical - toxic), to connect, balloons, wet suits, gloves, industrial, condoms, waterproof


PROCESS: Protect
From the brainstorm: care, motherhood, insecurity, defensive/aggressive, selfish, boundary (nationalism, culture), clothes (shoes)

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