Final outcome and evaluation

Presenting my work at the exhibition went fairly well, the construction of the piece went well. I encountered a few problems with attaching the owls to the wall since they had no hooks but ended up purchasing small hooks and screwing hoots into them and the wall. The crit was slightly disappointing as it seemed to be the larger more obvious pieces that generated the most feedback and gained the most attention. Unfortunately, the feedback was minimal, limited to only a comment about the aesthetic quality of the piece. Although this statement is pleasing and was something that I wanted to achieve, I am slightly disappointed that my piece did not get more feedback on the impression and message it conveyed. However, throughout the process of making and installing it did draw in a fair amount of attention and I was asked frequent questions about the meaning and process.  In order to improve on this piece or to take it further, I am not sure how well spray painting the knickers black worked. That section of the piece was supposed to be a positive representation of female sexuality, however, the knickers looked almost as though they had been covered in tar and therefore it took on a more sinister feel I think. I would like to experiment more with fabric and casting combined.Place Project-17.JPG

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