The final stage before installation was presenting the bras how I wanted to. This was slightly more difficult. I discussed with my tutor how I did not want the bra to be the sole focus of the piece. If it was a different material to all of the other elements it might stand out too much and this was something I wanted to avoid meaning that I decided to coat it in plaster too. This was a slightly more difficult process since the bra had a more rigid shape so it was more difficult to coat it in plaster without the plaster cracking and breaking. The padding also absorbed the water from the plaster meaning the drying time was a lot longer and there was more room for error and the finish was not quite as clean and precise. To improve this in the future I think a non-padded bra would have worked better. Although it would not physically stand out from the piece and other elements as the padded bra did, the way it would still be able to stand out would be through the use of a brightIMG_0461.JPGIMG_0509 2.JPGIMG_0515 2.JPGIMG_0525.JPGcolour.

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