Final Outcome and presentation

When presenting my final piece the title was very important. I titled it 'Domestic Goddess' highlighting the almost ethereal qualities of the cleaners. 'Idolizing' them in this way places emphasis on unachievable perfection that is highlighted not only in beauty magazines with their unrealistic beauty standards but also in, possibly less noticeably so,  in lifestyle magazines. People are constantly striving to achieve this unachievable perfection in every aspect of their lives, not only in their aesthetic image. Often what is forgotten when viewing these magazines is the work that goes into creating this idea of perfection and maintaining it. Placing emphasis on the normal people an the workers normalizes the whole scene and highlights the necessity for imperfection. 

Whether the painting below the triptych is entirely necessary was something that was raised in the crit.... 



© Rubia Rose Southcott, all rights reserved


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