Group Crit on Material News final outcome

I recorded the audio my group crit so I could engage in discussion and then reflect and make notes on what people had said after to help me evaluate my work and think about how I would develop it. The notes I made from the audio were as follows:

  • See them as one piece…  does the distance between the plaster and mental ones prevent this?

  • Ancient Rome/ Pompeii?… engravings in walls… ‘carpe diem’ seize the day… inspirational/ ‘Cave Canem' - beware of the dog…. practical - almost modern adverts… yet preserved an permanent from thousands of years ago

  • reminded people yet again of the dog tags/ identification tags

  • official/ handmade

  • business cards stripped down to the ‘identity’ of the company… reduced to the bare bones

  • stylish quality…? interesting in typography sense

  • Can’t have any individuality… every company is just the same

  • Not too precise… plaster ones have different thicknesses… makes them a little individual

  • casting out of soap… washing away individuality?

  • Meekyoung shin - builds everything from soap

  • Tom Friedman soap - arranges pubic hair in a spiral in soap… putting order and permanence in something that would not normally be seen in this way… something that would be tidied up/ washed away quickly

  • Tom Friedman self-portrait in soap… identity in a non-permanent form

  • Photographing on soap dishes?… about the distribution… public places… everyone uses soap… the messages and advertising would be spread

  • Tobaron Waxamn - Stacked soap… representing people of the holocaust

  • Rachel Whiteread soap sculptures.

I think the feedback focused mainly around the idea of the objects permanent yet temporary qualities and the associations made with the way the objects looked. The suggestions of experimentation with soap interested me… the fact that it became a very solid shape once moulded into the desired shape but that it could be dissolved just as easily and just as quickly was an interesting concept because to blurred the lines between permanence and temporariness for me. I would like to look into various artists that use soap as a medium for their work in order to consider the development of this projects. I would also like to further explore the scale of the project… making more metal ‘dog tag’ business cards, all with the same format but advertising completely different things.

© Rubia Rose Southcott, all rights reserved


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