21st Sept - Presenting the work

I decided to present the samples on a white wall in a very linear fashion. The overall effect is aesthetically quite pleasing however I think to make the outcome more effective I would ideally have many more samples, encouraging the viewer to take one, as well as having a larger number of sample types so as to cover a large wall space. There are several ways I could develop this project further, and some which I might explore in my own time once the project is finished. One idea being having more of a structure for where I collect the textures and colours from. i.e. would I collected a certain colour a week, or would I photograph the texture of everything I ate etc... this would be effective to allow the collection to grow further but not completely randomly. I would also like to photograph the samples in a DIY shop in amongst all the other samples. Also matching the colours and texture I had found to one of the paint colours in the shop and numbering the found textures to correspond with that, so that the textures followed a more well known category system, that people could even check themselves.IMG_5369.jpgIMG_5363.jpg.1IMG_5365.jpg.1

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