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We were then set the task of going out around archway and collecting something ourselves, whether that be through photography, sound or actual physical objects. I initially thought it would be interesting to photograph things that would be usually not noticed and ignored as people go about their day to day life. However this did not seem to mean anything to me and also I came to realize that these things were usually ignored for a reason, they are not particularly interesting. I began to think it was not physical objects that interested me but rather textures of objects. This lead me to think about how I would collect textures and how I could separate them from my form. I took a series of photographs of different objects very close up, even not in focus, so as to capture the surface of these things whilst eliminating the object itself. When returning with my photos and showing them to other members of my group they agreed with me that some of the textures were unrecognisable and even commented how some of the photographs were incredibly beautiful, looking almost like precious stones. These observations were ironic considering that the textures that were noticed for being the nicest images were often actually pieces of meat or food, something very rarely considered aesthetically pleasing.Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 15.01.25.png

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