September 18th, Collection Project

We began the day by looking at different types of collections and different ways of presenting collections. I found it particularly interesting how different collections can be, some are particularly organised and deliberately collected, as in someone goes out in search of things to add to their collection. Whereas some are more collections of things almost unintentionally accumulated over time which are then organised in a particular way. This made me consider my own collection and that what I was collecting was not the only thing that I needed to consider for this project, I also needed to think about how I was going to display/present my collection and how it needed to be an appropriate presentation.

As a group of four, we emptied our bags and organised the contents as a collection, firstly organising them in order of worth. This order made sense to us as we had put the objects in order of worth, however aethetically the collection did not look like anything more than a random pile of things:


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