Research for Iconographic Explosion project- Bobby Doherty’s vivid and humorous still-life photography

Whilst studying at New York’s School of Visual Art, photographer Bobby Doherty decided that everything he shot should be vertical, in colour and on 35mm film. It’s a principle he has stuck to throughout his portfolio of vivid, humorous and precise editorial photography. Bobby’s oeuvre includes hyper-real florals, enviably casual approaches to photographing fine jewellery – including diamond brooches sandwiches between peanut butter and jam, and delightfully slippery eggs. I can’t fault his compositions, the mix of textures and materials – particularly in his work with food –makes for equal parts satisfying and sickening imagery, in a really good way. Bobby’s photographs appear regularly in New York Magazine as well as Subbacultcha Magazine and Wilder Quarterly.





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