Illuminate Final

Illuminate Day4

My initial idea was to hang the glass cups(which serve as a vase) on the ceiling. However, I realized that this design was inefficient because it would be hard to take off the cups from high above and pour water in. Therefore I modified the design to a tall standing vase, in which the cups are connected in between the tall supporting sticks. The idea of standing vase was also inspired by the vase d'avril. I wanted the supporting sticks' height to be as tall as people's viewpoint, so that the reflection of the glass cups gets bigger. 

I went to the workshop to make the supporting sticks with wood. I cut the woods to about 65 inches and stuck them to cube shaped wood pieces, which I have made a hole in them. I thought the pillar would stand on the cube piece since the cube piece was sturdy and the hole was quite deep, but it didn't. I cut out bigger square shaped woods, and drilled them under the stick-supporting the whole stick. I made three supporting sticks in total. Making the sticks was a lot of fun, though it was quite challenging at the same time because it was my first time using an electric saw and other unfamiliar machines. 

I planned on making different sizes of metal hoops, which will fit each glass cup perfectly. I thought of connecting the metal hoops with tiny metal hoops, so that I could connect them in a straight horizontal line. I tried to make the hoop with an aluminium strings, because I thought they would be flexible but strong enough to hold the cups. However, it was really hard to even make a nice circular hoops with it. I have to think of different ways of connecting the cups. 

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