9/27/2017 <Illuminate>

Illuminate Day3

I did more research and idea thinking, and came up with few more ideas. One of the ideas was inspired by light rays and the lines they create. The lines of rays are long and curvy, which reminded me of the lines of aurora, the northern lights. I thought of designing a lighting that looks like an aurora, using thin and colorful strings. However, my tutor told me she liked the glass cup idea which I made in 3d yesterday, so I decided to carry on my initial idea.

I thought of using vintage glass bottles to make the design eco-friendly. For example, lighting made of green or brown beer glass bottle will be suitable at a bar or pub. For restaurants, I could use wine glasses or just regular glass cups. I really liked the concept of re-using the glass cups, but wanted to focus more on the property of light and the lines they create.

As I was developing the idea, the d'avril vase came up to my mind. The d'avril vase was on my wish list for a long time, so I was very familiar with it's design. The vase d'avril is a conjunction of long cylinder glass vase, which is aimed to put one flower in each vase. I thought of creating metal hoops for each cups and connecting them with smaller rings. After school, I went to a charity shops and bought 20 vintage class cups.


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