9/26/2017 <Illuminate>

Illuminate Day2

From the start of the project, I was interested in how light appears through reflection, refraction, and shadows, so decided to carry on this subject. As I did more research, I was attracted to artworks that make reflection of variety of colors. One of my favorite artworks was by Olafur Eliasson. His work consist of colorful reflection of lights. Also, I have always been a fan of Patricia Urquiola's Shimmer collection, which is a collection of shimmering furnitures that create beautiful rainbow reflection.

At first, I wanted to design something that signifies a sunlight. I wanted to use a material that would strongly reflect light without the use of a lightbulb. I sketched a conjunction of colored glasses in a geometric shape, that you put on the top corner of a room to create a reflection of sunlight. Another idea was a series of lamp with pattern engraved, so when they are lined up they create a piece of art made of shadows. 

I also wanted to create something that has a meaningful story behind it. I thought of this huge protest happened in South Korea last winter, about the president's resignation. It was called the 'candlelight vigil' because over 2.5 million people brought a little candle with them and filled the roads with bright candlelight at night. This reminded me of a power of light, and wanted to express how a little candlelight can brighten up the whole city when they are gathered together. I thought that a puzzle had a similar meaning, in which a piece of puzzle could be nothing but when they are gathered together it becomes one picture. I sketched pieces of puzzle made of mirror, which will reflect the view and light.


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