9/25/2017 <Illuminate>

Illuminate Day1

We are able to see everything around because there is light that reflects the colours. Since light is everywhere day and night, we forget the importance of it. I thought this project will be so interesting to use and play with the properties of light to create a product.

We met at KX campus to capture and sketch the features of light, such as it's form, line, and movement. However, I was worried because it was very cloudy today, and I couldn't see any sunlight. I focused on relatively dark areas where I could grasp the existence of light more clearly, such as a black wall and ceiling with a window. As I was observing the light around the building, I got intrigued with the shadows because they really helped to detect the shape and form of light. Some of the shadow even looked like an artwork that changes its form and shape every second. 

Next, we moved the location to King's Cross station. I found out that the station was built by the company John MacAslan, who is famous for restoring the old building with new form. The ceiling of the station was amusing, in which long white pillars criss crossed each other and created countless triangles. Also, the light changed its colours from normal fluorescent to purple and blue, making the whole atmosphere more futuristic. I sketched the pillars from ceiling that connected to the ground, focusing on the shadows they created. 

Sketching the light was definitely challenging, because they don't have exact shape or line. Drawing light was all about shading, sketching the shadows. I mostly used a marker and pencil to sketch, but I saw a student who used a highlighter to express light, which I thought was really clever.

When we got back to the school, we talked about characteristics of light and illumination. There were many ideas-from dim light and reflection to poetic and emotional. Since there are so many features that light carries, it's hard to choose which one to incorporate in my product.

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