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Wear It

Before the project Wear It, I thought the word "wear" could only be applied to clothes, shoes, and accessories. During the project, I learned that any object that has a use on a body could be called "wearable". We were given three words, suspend, support, and surround, and had to create object that does such job on a body. 

Thinking of many ideas in short time was the most challenging part. We had about ten minutes to think of ten ideas regarding the words suspend, support, and surround. Usually, I like to spend enough time on researching and brainstorming before making an idea. Fast thinking definitely was a new challenge for me. 

For the word suspend, I thought of clothes hanger because they suspend clothes. I sketched an accessory shaped as clothes hanger, which could be worn as a hairband that connects down to neck and shoulder. 

Among the examples we saw, I was very interested in Daniel Widrig's work that supports shoulder in a way that fixes posture. I wanted to make something like a brace that can help people who have uncomfortable body parts. Therefore, for the word support, I sketched modernized body brace, an orthosis, and posture fixers. For example, I connected various shapes circles for the orthosis.

Naturally, I thought of a furniture that could be worn, since furniture is my biggest interest area. I thought of my grandmother who has trouble walking for a long time because of her uncomfortable legs. I wanted to design a chair that is very compact and simple that you can carry everywhere like a bag. It was obvious that the chair has to be folded in order to be compressed. I thought of a three dimensional shape with several faces. I decided to create a dodecahedron, a polyhedron with twelve flat faces. I found this outline guide for making a dodecahedron from internet, and used that as a plan. Before making the product in a real scale, I planned the sketch in a smaller scale. I sketched the floorplan on a big paper and cut it out. The size of the final outcome was actually perfect. When I folded it, it was a little bigger than my hand, which is perfect to carry around. I attached a string to the folded chair, so that people can wear it around like a bag. When the chair was unfolded, it was a perfect size for one person to sit on. 

If I were to make this in real life, I would use a firm but soft material, such as felt, so that it is easy to fold or unfold. Also, I would use a velcro for folding and unfolding the chair.


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