18/9/2017 <Build it 1>

Build It

As a group, we had to build a 3d model of space with given materials such as wood sticks and paper. Everyone was making trianglular shapes, so my group decided to bend the wood sticks to make a curved cylinder shaped building. However, the wood sticks did not bend so well, so we decided to just go with triangular shapes. We connected two triangular pyramids, in which one stands up right and the other faces down connected above the other. Next, we connected more wood sticks to make slanted pattern on the wall. This initial model looked simple but we definitely put lot of thoughts to it.

Then we were joined with another group to combine two models together. It was more complex than just attaching them together. Coincidentally, the other group's model also had a part of wall that had slanted pattern. We decided to use the slanted pattern as our work's concept and connected two models in a way the patterns were connected. Because of the inter-joining slanted patterns, the model looked so natural as if it was made like it from the beginning.

Next, we made walls with various textures. First we started simple using the property of tape, making a patterned wall with it. Then, we tried folding the papers like a paper fan, which I thought was kind of bulky and mismatching. Also, I made a wall with translucent double sided tape, and attached short wood sticks in a random pattern. To make that side of the wall more three dimensional, we attached more wood sticks like they were poking the wall.

After the work, we got to look around other students' works. I thought that my group's final model was complex enough, but I was surprised to see how other groups' works were more mixed up and perplex. I think my group's work looked less mixed up because there was a definite pattern which made the whole model look less complicated.

Before this project, I thought I had no interest in architecture whatsoever. However, this project was a great opportunity for me to get to know more about architecture and get interest in the area. I also realized how much effort and ideas are put in making an architectural model, even though they might look bulky and broad outside.

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