Ideas Factory

My first day at CSM was full of unexpectedness. During the introduction class, we were told about reflection and research, the Workflow, how to develop ideas, and group working. I was already familiar with the 'research', which I have been doing for several years preparing my portfolio; however, reflection was something that I have never heard about. I thought that reflecting the work I have completed each day would be a great way to record and review my work process.

Next, the class was divided in half, and talked about the kinds of shoes to make smaller groups. I was not only surprised by the way they divided the group, but how diverse ideas came out from my peers. It got to my mind that the diversity and number of the students(which I was overwhelmed at first) could be really helpful for each other. Again we were divided into groups of three, given three unrelated words for our first project.

My group's words were Twist, Fur, and Utopianism; we started with brainstorming each words to find a connection. The brainstorming started off pretty simple. We thought of utopianism as a dream world where people desire to go. We were able to connect the sense of desire with fur, because people desire for luxury fashion. However, the word twist was quite miscellaneous and hard to incorporate. We thought of the twisted shapes, such as spirals and nods.

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