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Ideas Factory Day3

I kept on thinking of how to incorporate fur to the existing idea; and today as I was walking on the street, I saw the clouds in the sky, which reminded me of fur. The white flurry texture of clouds were very comparable to the texture of fur. Then I realized how clouds and utopia correlate in a metaphorical way-clouds are untouchable even though they seem like we could touch them, and utopia is unreachable though we think we could get there. I decided to incorporate fur as the clouds surrounding the never ending staircase.

Setting the concept as people walking up the Penrose staircase covered with clouds, we decided to make this an installation piece. However, we only had limited resources and time, so we just decided to draw a really nice sketch of the outcome.

As I was sketching, I realized that the staircase could be more complex. I overlapped three penrose staircases to make it seem more complicated and illusional. To express the process twist, I included twisted staircases. I sketched two twisted staircases as of they were connecting three triangular staircase. My teammate used illustrator to make the sketch more precise and exact.

If I could make this sketch in real installation art, it would be exhibited outdoor in a very big scale, and audiences would be able to physically experience it by going up the stairs. Light weight fur that looks like clouds would also be surrounding the staircase. People would have a feeling of going up to sky.

This was my first artwork to be working as a group, and I can definitely say that it was one of the most decent experience I've had. I was able to get information of fields I have never heard of, and share our ideas and develop them to another level. Now, I am actually looking forward for more group work.

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