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Ideas Factory Day2

After brainstorming each words, utopianism, fur, and twist, my group came up with the concept of people desiring for high standard things, such as fur and utopia. 

However, we thought this initial idea was pretty simple so developed it more. We brainstormed the word utopianism to  imagination, dream, and illusion. I really liked the concept of illusion for utopianism, since utopia is like a non-existing dream world full of perfection. From then, I searched for illusional artworks. I was able to find several interesting informations. One of the informations I learned was the impossible objects, which is one of the optical illusions. Also, I found an artist named M.C Escher. Most of Escher's paintings consisted a never ending staircase, which became a very important key to our idea. I thought that the never ending staircase was perfect for the word twist in my project.

At the library, I did more research about optical illusion, and discovered that the staircases drawn in Escher's paintings were called the Penrose Stairs. Penrose stairs, as known as Penrose triangle, is one of the impossible objects. I also got to learn about impossible objectsI wanted to express how people continually walk up on those impossible penrose staircase, dreaming of going to utopia, the non-existing world. 

The challenging part was to incorporate the texture fur into the staircase. We thought of attaching fur on a staircase, but it didn't make much sense. We will need to think more about the texture.


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