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  • 1946: The House of Dior is founded on December 16 at 30 Avenue Montaigne in Paris. The current house of Dior celebrates 1947 as the establishing year.
  • 1947: The House of Dior launched its first spring/summer collection, The New Look, at their headquater salon. The New Look line collection would go on to become revolutionary, influencing other designers and the fashion industry or many years.
  • 1947: The founding of Christian Dior parfumes and the first Dior perfume is launched, Miss Dior. Pierre Cardin was made head of the Dior workshop until 1950.
  • FUN FACT: The Miss Dior parfume, Miss Dior was named after Catherine Dior, Christian Dior’s sister.
  • 1948: The New York City Christian Dior parfume branch is opened. A ready-to-wear house is also opened in New York City at the corner of 5th Avenue and 57th street.
  • 1949: The Diorama fragrance is launched.
  • FUN FACT: By this year the New Look line made a profit of 12.7 million dollars.
  • 1950: Jaques Rouët devised a plan that allowed the Christian Dior name to be visible on a number of luxury items. The first luxury goods to have the Christian Dior name was neckties and quickly moved on to hosiery, furs, handbags, jewelry and scarves. Christian Dior was the exclusive designer for Marlene Dietrich’s for Alfred Hitchcock film Stage Fight.
  • 1951: Dior released hid first book, Je Suis Couturier (I am a Couturier).
  • 1952: Christina Dior Models Limited was created in London.
  • 1953: The Christian Dior shoe line is launched with the help of Roger Vivier. By the end of 1953 the Dior company was firmly planted in Mexico, Cuba, Canada, and Italy.
  • 1954: The first Dior boutique was established at 9 Counduit Street. A fashion show was held at the Blemhein Palace in honour of Princess Margaret and the Duchess of Marlborough.
  • 1955: Dior opened the Grande Boutique between Avenue Montaigne and Rue François ler. 1955 also marked the release of the first Dior lipstick.
  • 1956: The house of Dior celebrates its 10th anniversary and by this time had sold 100,000 garments. This was the year that actress Ava Gardner had 14 Dior dresses made for the film The Little Hut.

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