4 October

primary and secondary research collection...

At the start of a project research is vital in the process of designing our own ideas. Through primary research I looked at a large range of household objects ranging from my dogs chew toy to a sponge. These drawings allowed me to analyse certain words from different perspectives. For example, for entangled I looked at string and hair which were two completely different materials. My favourite word I looked at when collecting primary research was structure because I looked at scaffolding and how the overall look of it can change depending from what angle you look at it as the perspective of the layers of the pipes changes.

When doing secondary research I looked at artists relating to tessellated, folded, porous, knitted, covered and textured. The research that interested me the most on this was those based from the word tessellated as the architectural structure to it interests me and so does the repetition of a single shape and what other forms can be created with only one shape. This interests me as one shape becoming another can create simple but complex forms.

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