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Today was the crit:
Looking around I saw many had very finished looks that I think mine fit in well with as the welding had a clean finish on the final piece. We put ourselves into categories and I went in ‘playful’ which I then saw that my project didn’t fit as well into as all the other pieces did. This was because other pieces were very colourful with a range of bright colours such as pink, where as mine was a mixture of mellow colours such as grey, black and white. This turned out to not be a problem as all the pieces varied so much none of them fit together. Following this I was faced with the problem of my bulb breaking which meant that the audience didn't get the full effect of the piece. As looking at my lampshade with the light on has a much better effect than without it. Also the brightness in the room meant the shadows couldn’t be seen further losing the effect of the piece. However, photographs in my folder hopefully showed how it would work in an ideal setting. I chose to do a product as I have always been interested in this pathway but have never had the chance to explore it due to resources and direction from teachers


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