2 October

During the morning I realised that I wouldn’t have time to completely finish off my final piece by the deadline due to lack of time and materials. However, using other materials I was able to show what I would like my piece to be like and where it would be placed. I used a thick grey board to create the cube and the cracked cube shape for my pieces. If I’d had more time then I would’ve made these out of aluminium to match the final piece I made in the metal workshop. The grey board didn’t have such a finished look to it but I think that alongside my folder the final piece is very effective. In the afternoon I worked on the electrical of my lampshade which I found difficult due to lack of experience but through research I managed to attach the cable to the lamp holder safely. The lamp holder would’ve worked better if it was smaller and black as it would’ve matched the cable. Overall, it was a very productive day and allowed me to refine the final sculpture ready to present the next day.

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