25 September

Today I collected primary research at both the Kings Cross Central Saint Martin building and Kings Cross train station. In my drawings I attempted to capture the light qualities on different surfaces. Central Saint Martin was good for this as the more modern concepts of the building are mainly glass which allowed light into the building. Kings Cross train station's unusual angles and shapes also reflected light in different ways for example in some areas it flickered creating an interesting drawing. Later on in the day we chose 5 or more words connected to the quality of light to describe our drawings.
Harsh:unpleasantly rough or jarring to the senses.
Translucent:allowing light,but not detailed shapes, to pass through; semi-transparent

Opaque:not able to be seen through; not transparent.

Reflect:throw back (heat, light, or sound) without absorbing it.

Flickering:shine unsteadily; vary rapidly in brightness.

Dramatic:sudden and striking.

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