26 September

I looked at my research and created a series of initial ideas firstly starting of with architectural forms. however, these ideas weren’t as successful as I lacked originality in my designs so I decided to look at it from a product design point of view. I looked at the tree like structure from Kings Cross train station and was inspired by nature when designing my flower like shapes which I decided would work in smaller sculptures or as lamp shades. I made sketch models using plasticine as the core where the light would be, with bamboo skewers coming from the middle at different heights and different shapes on the end. I then photographed these to capture the shadows they create but this was not as successful as I had hoped. This was because the room was not dark enough. I would like to photograph them again in a box to block out excess light and to capture the shadows on all sides of it to give an idea of the effect it would have if placed in a room. 

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