21 September

What did you enjoy?
Today we redesigned the Robin Day chair to better fit societies need when it comes to using a simple everyday chair. I enjoyed this, as furniture design is an option as a career for me in the future as I find it very interesting how not only can furniture be decorative but useful at the same time. Today in particular I enjoyed coming up with our own designs based on the Robin Day design. I enjoyed this because it allowed me to put my ideas on paper that I had been thinking about whilst doing my observation drawings. I also enjoyed creating my design in a 3D form as I enjoy creating models but my model wasn’t very successful due to the complex design. This meant it was better shown through annotated drawings.
What did you find challenging?
I found creating the sculpture itself challenging due to the materials provided. I would like to create it again with stronger materials such as cardboard so it stays up and if it were to be manufactured I would use a stronger plastic with hinges that can lock in 3 different positions. Upwards, flat (to use as a table/footrest) and downwards where it is not in use.
What did you improve at 4pm?
I showed how a human would sit in the chair and what all the different uses are. This is an important factor as furniture is designed for the human body. I didn't get the chance to in lessons but I would like to add different shades of colour to my designs to add more depth for my ideas.
Are you interested in this?
I find this pathway in 3D art very interesting as it has a practical side to it which I enjoy designing. This gives it a problem solving section to it as we design to make the human body more comfortable in different parts of a day. For example a chair for school or the office during the day, a sofa for the evenings and a bed for the night. Over the years research and technological advances has allowed us to develop these pieces of furniture further and also allowed us to design other products to make everyday life easier and more practical

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