18 September

How did you find working at such a fast pace on a one day project?
There was not much room for trial and error when working at such a fast pace. For example, I spent 15 minutes making a component which wasn’t successful, meaning I had little time left to fill the gap with a new design. However, the fast pace also benefitted my group as some mistakes that were made turned out to be successful components of our sculpture
Are there any designers from the presentation that you want to research further?
geodesic structure?
eden project?
look at pavilions e.g. Serpentine pavilion? pop-up sculptures etc
How did you find the group work?
I enjoyed the group work as we worked together well by experimenting different possibilities until we found designs we all liked and that we had all contributed to. When we were then joined to another group to make a group of six it was harder at first as we had different methods of working but we brought them together and made a successful model
How did you find ASD as a pathway?
Seeing as I would like to do an architecture based degree I enjoyed it a lot. However, I am keeping my options open and looking forward to doing projects on the other pathways
Did you enjoy working at a larger scale?
Yes, I enjoy making large 3D pieces and I find them more exciting to work with and can immerse the audience a lot easier as can be more interactive

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