13 Oct. 2017

Based the resulting piece of 'What's The Point Project' and tutor's feedback from yesterday, I came up with several sample ideas which I will note down:

  • Acrylic plastic seems like  a good combination with vintage books - but not sure what sample I will develop from this combination.
  • To create a book mark - vivid-tone ribbon crunched up in two small rectangular pieces of PVA (similar to what I did for the blue book mark), but leaving a length of ribbon loosely hanging out of the PVA pieces to represent a bookmark.
  • To buy a small old book and sew a zip around it, and add flower-like materials inside - so will pop up when one unzips it.
  • A small book with textile-made stick notes sew on the side.
  • A minimal birthday card made by thin natural fabric and thin PVA as its cover. 

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