7 Oct. 2017

Further research for the 'What's The Point Project'


During my online research in the morning, I had been attracted to the construction and composition in books, so I then primary researched in two vintage book shops later in the afternoon - Bryars & Bryars and Marchpane. The reason that I only visited vintage book stores, was because vintage (or rather old) books had been perceived differently compare to contemporary books, when internet was not so vastly used - I wanted to first discover books that were made for simpler or straight forward purposes. In this way, I personally think I can manage to develop more thoroughly for this 'Whats The Point Project.

Moreover, there are several inspirations and interesting points that I want to note down:

  • The Secret garden (Lauren Child) book involves layering of delicate paper patterns and is designed to be placed in an acrylic box. The layering of the matte and glossy surfaces visually relates back to my samples from the 'Practitioner Project' -  which I layered cartridge paper with acetate.
  • A pale greyish blue colour works well with the vintage books, as they generally seem to have a dark orange tone.
  • In terms of the compositions within a book, the page gap is an essential element for the overall visual impression. By cleverly manipulating the relationship between the page gap and contents, will create impactful outcomes even though the pages may seem simplistic.
  • The torn and stained pages remind me of the stained tissue paper samples from my 'Practitioner Project', because of the idea of unintentional damage
  • Similarly to acrylic, acetates also create playful texture contrast with worn books. Transparent book covers can create this contrast.

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