5 Oct. 2017

Concluding 'Practitioner Project'


By the start of the lesson, we further developed our resulting samples, by producing another piece based on the feedbacks from group presentation - as shown on the noted papers along side the sample. As I had to create this sample in a short time frame, so I just focused on the texture and colour manipulations. According to the comments, I decided to create another weaving piece, also involving acetate, but layered with a kraft paper bag originally from the store Petersham Nurseries (where I purchased the rice straw hand brush for my research). Thus this piece links directly back to the initial starting point, but also inspired by the feedback from my group members - to make the links more clearer and to experiment on more materials. The Washi tape is also a major element in this sample, and as I mentioned in my previous reflection, it is exceptionally versatile to create impactful outcomes in a short time frame. Similar to my previous samples, I carried on with scale and colour contrasts and manipulations.

I was given comparatively more positive feedback on the simplicity of my samples and presentations, compare to the 'Jacket Project'. Maybe because I started with complicated observations and initial samples, so by gradually refining the samples could make this simplicity of the resulting samples a more positive thing.

Additionally, one essential thing that I have learned through my process, is that the more precision or the longer the time has been put into a sample, does not make it as visually impactful as a piece produced in a short time frame. Most of my inspirations for further development came from the seemingly short workshops during lessons, whereas during my self-directed study, I would try to exaggerate and refine the elements from such inspirations.

In overall, I have became much more process-driven through my developments. As I have learned that quick observations can help to push my development when I am stuck. Through theses three weeks, I discovered the excitement of a process-driven project and I trust myself more to gradually develop toward a successful outcome, in this way, the final piece would be more meaningful to me.

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