4 Oct. 2017

'Practitioner Project' - self-directed study


During my self-directed study, I developed several tactile paper samples, mainly based on the elements of weaving and paper-cuts. I also experimented on manipulating the scales and colour tones within such samples. Such as   bringing neon colours in earthy and raw tones, and exaggerating the scale contrast in a piece. I've been really fond of the texture combination of cartridge paper with calico, and tissue paper with transparent sequins. Both are exceptionally versatile to create impactful and less time consuming pieces, in a both refined and expressive way.  

Further more, apart from finishing seven tactile paper samples, I also managed to produce 20 layered compositions of the samples from my various collections, and also three collages showing my inspiration images and the resulting samples. As shown through the samples, I mainly experimented paper-cut-and-fold along with weaving. I have engaged at least one texture contrast in each sample. Such as the paper-cuts-and-folds add subtle textures to oil pastel mark makings covered with acetates, or that transport sequins also add soft texture contrast to matte and sheer tracing paper. Lastly, in terms of my choice of colours, I have noticed that neon colours add playful contrasts to complicated or rather dim colour blends. Thus I personally think Washi tapes and highlighters are useful to portray neon tones. 

Additionally, I have noticed that process-driven or unintentional development tend to create more impactful outcomes than those which were originally planned. Such as the sequinned embellished tissue papers, were accidentally stained by red paints - creating flower-like marks, which then reminded me of the gathered textures from traditional Kuba garments.

© Mei Shen, all rights reserved


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