1 Oct. 2017

'Practitioner Project' - 1st day


My research had really helped to prolong my development during lesson time, as the images on Kuba clothing involves seemingly simplistic but impactful patterns. During the pattern development today, I realised more correlation between the Kuba traditional clothing and the rice straw hand brush - the practical object I bought. As I had involved different observational techniques that I learned during the past two weeks, so quick observations are becoming more helpful to me, compare to the start of the term. I had also been more experimental during lesson time, as I tried to pay less attention on the precession of my samples, and being more progress-driven rather than intentionally producing a sample which I had already planned in my mind. Such as for the paper weaving piece, the patterns were not originally drawn for the purpose of weaving, and the washi tapes were originally used to fix the papers together. Such unintentional elements all add up to the final visual outcome of this weaving piece, and it differs from what I used to produce. 

However, when I was further developing samples at home, I was not as progressive or expressive as I was during lesson time. This was because I had longer time to consider the the final visualisations of the samples, so although there were some developments, but not as much as the rather short workshops during lesson.

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