29 Sep. 2017

I concluded the 'Jacket Project' by producing two more observations of the final reconstructed jacket, and a collage work of the photograph I took of the garment. I wish to produce one more sample for this project, if I have spare time after researching for next week's project.

I started online research for the next project - 'Practitioner Project'. I intentionally did not research into the Chinese imperial garments from the Qing Dynasty, even I have a lot of insight resources for this topic. This was because I already have a fixed impression towards such garments, and as I am trying to be more process-driven, so I wanted to start fresh on a type of traditional garment that I did not know before. I realised that this was the right decision during my research, as I discovered the Kuba traditional textiles and clothing. I noticed that the patterns of the fabrics greatly compliment the creases or silhouettes, they convey a sense of rawness but also in a restrained manner. I have also reserved a book on Kuba textiles from the CSM library, which I think will be helpful for my next week's project. However, I will not research really intensively before starting this project, so I can be more open minded for initial development.

I have not decided on the objects yet, which I need to think through during this weekends. 

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