25 Sep. 2017

'Jacket project' - 1st day


I am getting a lot used to the quick observational drawings (especially in today's lesson), and I have noticed that my sketchbook has gradually became more experimental. I am caring much less about precisions for a page presentation, and more on the actual process of a project. I also enjoyed assembling two jackets together on the body, it also seems easier to be more experimental using rigid material, so by purchasing a light weight trench coat for this project was a good idea. 
In general, I realised that I am appreciating the fast-paced lesson style more, mainly because I am getting used to it and also starting to understand the intentions of the tasks, and that I maybe prefer developing the structure of a garment than its prints.
Additionally, for tomorrow's project, I had bought a relatively rigid and satin finished fabric, that is similar to olive-tone of the Reiss trench coat. I intend to create a subtle contrast between the two fabrics - as one is matte and the other one is slightly shiny, but both are smooth, rigid and in similar tones and shades. This idea of subtle texture contrast, is different from my aesthetics before, and has been inspired by Undercover's 'Drape' collection (1998 S/S) from my research. As indirect contrasts are not necessarily less impactful than direct contrasts.

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