23 Sep. 2017

I had purchased a coat for the 'Jacket Project' next week, from a vintage store called 'Wow Retro'. It is a men's olive-coloured trench coat from Reiss, includes lining and relatively rigid compare to other coats. Its rigidness was the main reason for me to choose this coat, as I am planning to reconstruct it into a more structural piece. There was another coat which caught my eyes first as I entered the store. It was vintage Burberry Brit coat in its signature camel colour, and bright green label on its inner surface. I also bought this coat, which I wish to reinterpret for my later projects, as it was comparatively expensive, and I wish to spend more time to reconstruct it. There were also other interesting vintage jackets in the store, such as police man jackets, different types of military jackets and even  7-11 salesman bombers. This vintage clothing store mainly sells British made clothes, therefore there were a variety of jackets and coats (due to the British climate), and especially vintage Burberry trench coats. I will definitely revisit this store in the future, as by browsing and feeling the clothes really have given me lots of inspirations for fashion designs.

Further more, during my visit to the Covent Garden, I have also visited a Ballet clothing store - 'Bloch', that primarily sells body suits for ballet dancers. I bought a dark-tanned body suit, which I may use with the deconstructed jacket, because I am planning to create a theatrical and feminine piece using the Reiss trench coat. The dark-tanned tone also works well with olive, and I could also add colourful embellishments on such neutral tones. 

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