21 Sep. 2017

One Day Project (3) - Your Interpretation


Through today's illustration project, I have learned several useful techniques which transformed my perspective on conveying my fashion designs:

  • I need to focus comparatively more on presenting the textiles part of a garment, as I was only concerned on illustrating, the prints and the silhouettes of a design.
  • I learned the technique of only drawing the backgrounds, which automatically allows the silhouettes of the garments to appear. There should be no outlines of the silhouette, which I used to always draw for my fashion illustrations.
  • I also learned that to allow white spaces in illustrations would convey the emotions of a garment just as well as the filling in the whole page.
  • More over, I particularly liked using a double-page, as I used to always start from the left side of a page. By starting in the middle of the two pages may enhance the overall aesthetic of an illustration.

Through our group reflections of the three-day project, we concluded that by researching too much informations before the start of a project rather limit our initial developments. As by browsing over book pages seems no different from flipping through social medias. Therefore, by researching comparatively fewer facts at the beginning and to carry out further researches by the end of a projects is more helpful for our creative process. We all noticed that by going back to our photo albums on phones is exceptionally helpful in giving us relevant inspirations, researching from books can then help for our later project developments. 

Additionally, through our group discussion, one of Jula's sketch book page had really inspired me. I especially like the involvement of neon-yellow sticky notes with acetates, although she did not put such materials intentionally together as art pieces.

In overview of our three-day project, I was first really overwhelmed by the speed of our developing from observational drawings, but I am getting much more used to it towards the end of this project. I had managed to research before each project, but I did not find the bibliography and the websites on the brief much helpful to provide inspirations, but did give me general views of the projects. I wish we were told the purpose of observational drawings in each project (such as prints our structures) before drawing them, as I struggled at the start because I was too slow and focused rather too much on the details. However, I have really learned the importance of first hand observations and how could them develop into various outcomes, which I did not learn from my A-levels.

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