19 Sep. 2017

One Day Project (2) - Your Data


For today's project, we started off our development by producing a series of quick observational drawings, similar to yesterday. However, I did enjoy much more of this observational process (differ form yesterday), because I managed to pay less attention on the actual visual outcomes of my drawings, and followed the teachers' instructions more precisely. Observational drawings can lead me to develop a topic, by drawing visual connections with other seemingly non-related objects with my topic, they also allow me to quickly brainstorm ideas. As I would normally spend much longer time completing a drawing, which might be visually appealing, but not necessarily help me to think more broadly for my initial research.

On the other hand, I don't think my final textile-development went as well as the beginning of my project (constructing installations and producing observations), because this textile-print making process required more time to create outcomes, and I did not spend much time in planning and thinking through them. Another reason of this, is that I did not complete my research for this project before this morning, so I was being less experimental on making textile-print and print projection. 

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