16 Sep. 2017

Further research for 'Your Project': Day 1 - Your surroundings


It seemed that I had made more progress today than yesterday. I have discovered more playful ways of employing the material paper, which would be versatile of applying to textile and pattern designs:

  • One or two creases of a paper - it is minimalistic but impactful
  • To combine linear crumbling with bridge crumbling on a paper - works well on lightweight but relatively rigid fabrics
  • Acrylic paints on paper
  • Subtle texture contrast between paper and plastic, and heavy weight paper (such as kraft paper) with PVC

I have also noticed other materials that I can consider for my garment design in the future:

  • Coloured acrylic and layering harmonious-toned acrylics
  • Aluminium - it creates subtle but playful contrast with relatively matte surfaces
  • Hechima tawashi (luffa sponge) - will work well with delicate materials
  • Mulded pulp - normally used to protect fragile objects, such as eggs

I have noticed that I am undoubtedly drawn by the Japanese culture of infusing different elements together, as portrayed through their designs. During my last visit to Japan, I have found out a type of cuisine called - 'Yōshoku' (western food). It is a reinterpretation of western food through Japanese aesthetic and lifestyle. I am particularly intrigued by this concept, and I may further develop this concept for my later projects

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