14 Sep. 2017

Group presentation.


Our group did not manage to present our project, because we did not spend enough time planing for this group presentation. I personally think the reason for this, was because we rather spent too much time on researching, although we did narrow down our design ideas and inspirations through research process, but we struggled to decide on a final design outcome, thus it was difficult for as to prepare for a presentation with a vague idea of the final design.

There were two presentations particularly inspired me. One of the group was given the material word - porcelain. As while one of their group member briefly explains the process of making porcelain which involves the cycle of crashing and forming clay, the other group member used plasticine-like material acting out such process, they then metaphor this porcelain-making-process as the relationship of a loving couple. Another group explained their interpretation of the material-mesh by sticking post-it notes on a 'nude' card board body. Both groups involved imaginative interpretations of their given words and also presented their ideas in a interactive way, I personally think these two points would make a presentation successful.

It has been my first time working on a group project, intensively for three days. I have recognised it was helpful to brain storm initial ideas and research as a group, because I would have a broader understanding or be more open minded of a topic before developing. However, I found it was difficult to come up with one single creative idea in a group, just as we struggled in this project. We originally produced an image-based powerpoint with divided script for each person. Instead of this plan, we will record a video presentation and involve creative interpretation and presentation technique.

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