12 Sep. 2017

Museum visit and library research.


As part of our research process, we visited Natural History Museum and Science Museum in the morning. During our visit, we have narrowed down our research towards the topic of microscopic images, space, mobiles, and structures. 'Crick and Watson's DNA model (1953)' had given me a strong visual impression, so I am planning to develop a spacial piece with repetitive patterns. We researched in the CSM Library later in the afternoon, which then lead us to consider of developing a spacial puzzle piece as an outcome. 

I started my sketchbook development today. I was clueless on where to start for my development, so I decided to create an oil-pastel piece of the microscopic image of muscle cells, it was rather a time-consuming process, so allowed me to think about my development while I was drawing. I enjoyed deciding on the colours of dots after drawing the striped muscle cell patterns as I was making distinctive choices for a time-consuming drawing. The resulting visual outcome also relates back to my research of Guanzhong Wu's art pieces.

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