11 Sep. 2017

Introduction to Workflow and starting group project - Ideas Factory.


Our group has been given the theme - 'hedonism', material - polystyrene and process - 'lift'. Before researching on such three subjects, we first brainstormed our ideas by creating a mind-map. We are particularly inspired by the structure formula of polystyrene (as shown on the mind-map), and the versatility of polystyrene to be formed in various shapes or forms. During my online research, I was particularly inspired by the microscopic photos of different objects, which also remind me of repetitive patterns related to polystyrene. We then planned to visit the Science Museum tomorrow, to research further on the topic of chemical structures.

We discovered a vague correlation between polystyrene and hedonism. As hedonism is mainly associated with lower pleasure, such as the pleasure of food, thus remind us of the common use of polystyrene as food packaging. The idea of hedonism also suggests greasiness, thus the idea of vinegar-olive oil emulsion also seems relate to the microscopic photos of cells I researched. However, we did not discover much link of the process - 'lift' with either polythene or hedonism, nor does it seem as intriguing as the two other topics. We need to make sure not to forget this 'process' during our research and development. This written reflection helps me to organise our scattered ideas from brainstorming, and also help me to realise the direction of our development - microscopic structure.

By working in a team, I realised, could help me think broader on a topic, especially during the research process. As I only thought of going to art exhibitions for our research tomorrow, but one of our group members suggested the science museum, which I would not consider if I were working on my own.

I was rather focused on the visual impact related to polythene and its repetitive patterns, maybe I should research more on the meaning or the making of polythene, which also apply to the two other topics.


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