2017.09.28 "Jacket" Project - 3

It was a busy day, in the morning, we continued working on our samples and garment. In the afternoon, we present it. After the small exhibition, I start to think about the deeper meaning to what I have done. According to what I had research for the pass few days, I get inspiration from different artists to form my pieces. One of the artist, Andrea Buttner, her artwork “Beggars and Iphones” really inspires me for what I want to do on my reconstruction jacket. The way that she uses body language to express the gestures and attitudes, it is pretty abstract but close to normal life. Nomophobia has been a serious problem these days, people become more and more indifferent. It is interesting to look at people how they always stay on their phones with those stony-faced. Photo by Stefan Steenkam, he focus on a beggar who has disappointed eye contact, it is interesting that a man who wears suit passing by. The conflict between them gives me a really sad mood and inspiration on how I want to do with my garment piece. Conflicts in current society is what I want to focus on, for example, how these tensional or bustling people present to each other.

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